SMT Universal lead-free solder paste SAC307-4A

Introducing the SMT Universal Lead-Free Solder Paste SAC307-4A. This solder paste delivers bright solder joints with a high one-time pass rate for printing SPI. It meets the needs of OEM factories and is applicable to OSP, ENIG, and HASL processes. Suitable for consumer electronics simple products. SAC307 alloy, 217-219°C melting points. Shelf life: 6 months. Lead and halogen-free. Choose SAC307-4A for reliable soldering.



  1. Bright solder joint, colorless and transparent residue.
  2. One-time pass rate of printing SPI is high.;
  3. It can meet the production needs of conventional OEM factories.
  4. Applicable to OSP, ENIG, HASL process 0201 and 0.4 Pitch solder joint without grape ball phenomenon.

Application fields:

  • Consumer electronics simple products

Additional information

Alloy content


Process classification

Chip printing reflow free cleaning

Ball size


Melting points


Shelf life

6 months



Halogen Free

Halogen free

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