PCBA Semi Water-based Cleaning Agent SL-C-GW2012

SL-C-GW2012 is a next-generation semi water-based cleaning agent for PCBA, formulated with a blend of surfactants, penetrants, degreasers, and corrosion inhibitors. It has been specifically developed for the upkeep and cleaning of fixtures, tools, and removable parts involved in wave soldering and reflow oven welding of electronic soldering. This product is free from environmentally prohibited ODS substances and substances banned by RoHS regulations. It’s biodegradable, non-flammable, and safe to store, marking it as an eco-friendly water-based cleaning agent.



  • primarily, this product is utilized for the cleaning of fixtures, tools, and detachable components in the wave furnace and reflow furnace, demonstrating rapid cleaning speed and effective results,
  • it exhibits excellent compatibility with fixtures, tools, and other materials, causing no negative reactions,
  • deionized water, serving as a solvent, ensures the product is non-flammable and safe for transportation,
  • being entirely halogen-free, it complies with ROHS, REACH, and other relevant environmental standards,
  • poses no toxicity to the environment or the human body and is biodegradable,
  • with a broad processing window and strong cleaning power, it can be effectively applied across various cleaning methods, equipment, and processes.

Application Scope:
This product is suitable for cleaning fixtures, tooling and detachable parts for wave soldering and reflow oven welding.

Additional information

Physical state/shape

Transparent or turbid liquid

Specific Gravity(g/cm3@20°C)

1,005 ±0,020


11,50 ±1,50

Cleaning Temperature (°C)

30,0 ~ 60,0






200kg / barrel, 20kg / barrel, 25kg / barrel

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