Water-based Cleaning Agent SL-C-GW5066B

SL-C-GW5066B is a self-engineered, technologically advanced cleaning solution composed of an amalgamation of surfactants, penetrants, degreasers, and corrosion inhibitors. It has been specially curated to eliminate incorrectly applied or uncured solder paste from steel, copper, and plastic meshes, as well as PCBs. It does not contain ODS substances deemed harmful to the environment or substances restricted by the RoHS directive. This product is biodegradable, non-combustible, and can be safely stored. It stands as a green, eco-friendly water-based cleaning solution.



  • this product effectively cleans misprinted and uncured solder paste from printing screens, steel mesh, copper mesh, plastic mesh, and PCBs, offering quick and efficient cleaning results,
  • it exhibits strong compatibility with materials such as mesh frames, mesh boards, and tension mesh adhesives, without causing any negative reactions,
  • utilizes deionized water as a solvent, ensuring non-flammability and safety during transportation and storage,
  • entirely devoid of halogens and adheres to environmental standards such as ROHS,
  • safe for the environment and humans, and can be easily biodegraded,
  • broad application window, powerful cleaning ability, and compatible with a variety of cleaning methods, equipment, and processes.

Application Scope:

This product is adept at cleaning incorrectly printed or uncured solder paste from steel mesh, copper mesh, plastic mesh, and PCB, showcasing superior efficacy.

Additional information

Physical state/shape

Layered or turbid liquid (standing for layering, shaking well and turbid)

Specific Gravity(g/cm3@20°C)

1,010 ±0,020


10,50 ±1,50

Cleaning Temperature (°C)

30,0 ~ 60,0






200kg / barrel, 20kg / barrel, 25kg / barrel

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