Lead-free Solder Bar SL-B-GW-305 Sn96.5Ag3.0Cu0.5

SL-B-GW-305, our high-quality lead-free solder bar, designed for exceptional soldering performance and environmental protection. Crafted using the most advanced lead-free soldering equipment, this product exemplifies excellent craftsmanship and process innovation.

SL-B-GW-305 is composed of premium and high-purity tin ingots, complemented by high-quality high-purity copper and silver. These components are carefully processed through a specialized method that ensures the superior performance of this lead-free alloy solder bar.

Designed for a lead-free process, SL-B-GW-305 not only provides an unparalleled soldering experience but also contributes to the global move towards safer and more environmentally friendly manufacturing practices. Make the right choice with SL-B-GW-305, where quality meets responsibility.




  • The product is characterized by minimal metal impurity and oxide content, providing high purity.
  • Upon melting, the tin forms a smooth, level surface with low viscosity, demonstrating excellent fluidity.
  • Superior wettability results in a small surface tension, facilitating easy tinning, bright and complete solder spots, providing stable and reliable soldering quality.
  • As a green and environmentally friendly product, it complies with RoHS environmental protection standards.

GW-305 Lead-free solder is extensively applied across various sectors including communication devices, instrumentation equipment, audio and video multimedia devices, automotive industry equipment, household electronics, and other electronic products. It is reliable for wave soldering, precision welding, and special soldering technologies, such as manual soldering and automatic soldering, like spraying and electroplating.


Additional information

Alloy content


Melting points


Density (g/cm3)




Shelf life

24 moths


1kg / roll, 20kg / box

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