SMT Universal lead-free solder paste SAC305-4A

Introducing the SMT Universal Lead-Free Solder Paste SAC305-4A. Designed for chip printing reflow free cleaning, it ensures reliable soldering with bright, colorless joints. Ideal for consumer electronics, white goods, automotive electronics, and more. Shelf life: 6 months. Lead and halogen-free. Experience superior soldering with SAC305-4A.



  1. Bright solder joint, colorless and transparent residue.
  2. Printing SPI one-time pass rate is high
  3. 0-10 degree keep for the storage

Application fields:

  • Consumer electronics: computer motherboard, tablet, accessories (graphics card, network card), control board, printer, fax machine, projector, etc
    White goods high-end products (air conditioning, washing machine, refrigerator, etc.), kitchen and bathroom appliances, power tools,
    Black appliances (TV, monitor)
    Cell phone battery, protective plate, connector
    Bluetooth headset, FPC soft board
  • Industrial electronics: industrial control motherboard, UPS power supply
  • Automotive electronics: central control, collector, lights, power supply, car navigator, green instrument
  • Rail traffic: IGBT module

Additional information

Alloy content


Process classification

Chip printing reflow free cleaning

Ball size


Melting points


Shelf life

6 months


PB free

Halogen Free

Halogen free

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