LED solder paste SL-P-LF9300 SnBiAg Modified alloy

Introducing LED Solder Paste LF9300, a specialized solder paste for LED applications. It features a new four-element alloy, superior printing SPI pass rate, and improved solder joint thrust. Ideal for LED lighting, displays, computer electronics, and small household appliances. Not suitable for high-temperature lamp beads or certain PCBs. Alloy content: SnBiAg Modified. Melting points: 141-193°C. Shelf life: 6 months. Lead and halogen-free. Choose LF9300 for reliable LED soldering.



  1. New development of four-element alloy products.
  2. Printing SPI one-time pass rate is superior.
  3. The solder joint thrust is improved compared with the conventional SnBiAg and SnBiCu.
  4. bright solder joint, colorless and transparent residue.
  5. LED display special solder paste.

Application fields:

  • LED lighting and display.
  • Filter, antenna.
  • Computer electronics: computer peripheral (keyboard, mouse) power adapter, radiator.
  • Small household appliances.


  1. Lamp beads are not high temperature resistant or pcb is cardboard or double-sided low temperature processing technology.

Additional information

Alloy content

SnBiAg Modified alloy

Process classification

Chip printing reflow free cleaning, Dispensing reflux free cleaning

Ball size


Melting points


Shelf life

6 months


PB free

Halogen Free

Halogen free

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