LED solder paste SL-P-GW9068-N PB Sn62.6Pb37Ag0.4

Introducing LED Solder Paste SL-P-GW9068-N PB, a high-quality solder paste for LED applications. It offers enhanced activity and excellent printing performance. Ideal for military, aerospace, instrumentation, and LED projects. Alloy content: Sn62.6Pb37Ag0.4. Melting point: 183°C. Shelf life: 6 months. Lead: PB. Choose SL-P-GW9068-N PB for reliable soldering with high activity requirements.  SL-P-GW9068-N/4B is a no-clean solder paste made of high-reliability flux, which consists of a polymer film-forming agent, modified resin, organic surfactant, polymer ether solvent, and alloy powder Sn62.8/Pb36.8/Ag0.4. This powder exhibits a high degree of sphericity, uniform particle distribution, and low oxygen content. The paste has outstanding rheology, efficient molding during printing, balanced activity, and strong weldability. It maintains its structure without collapsing and can be used effectively with various lead solders. This product serves as an ideal no-clean solder paste for use with lead welding technology.



  1. Enhanced activity, excellent printing performance.
  2. Suitable for QFN tin climbing and customers with high activity requirements.

Application fields:

  • Military products
  • Aerospace products
  • Instrumentation (water meter, electricity meter, gas)
  • LED

Additional information

Alloy content


Process classification

Chip printing reflow free cleaning

Ball size

3#, 4#

Melting points


Shelf life

6 months



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