Lead-free Solder Bar SL-B-GW-100 Sn100

SL-B-GW-100 Lead-free solder bar is primarily crafted from high-purity tin. Utilizing the latest specialized lead-free soldering equipment and sophisticated techniques, it is processed through a unique method. This environmentally conscious lead-free solder bar offers outstanding soldering capabilities in lead-free applications.



  • Low metal impurity, reduced oxide content, and high purity.
  • After melting, the tin liquid surface becomes smooth and leveled, with low viscosity and excellent flow characteristics.
  • Exhibits unique high oxidation resistance with minimal tin slag.
  • Offers good wettability and low surface tension, facilitating easy tinning, bright and full solder joints, and stable and reliable welding quality.
  • Environmentally friendly and adheres to green protection standards.

The SL-B-GW-100 Lead-free solder bar is extensively used across various industries, including communications, instrumentation, audio and video multimedia, automotive, and household electrical and electronic equipment. It’s suitable for electronic products that require wave soldering reliability, precision welding, and specialized welding techniques. The applications range from manual to automatic welding processes, including methods like spraying and electroplating.

Additional information

Alloy content


Melting points


Density (g/cm3)




Shelf life

24 moths


1kg / roll, 20kg / box

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