Lead-free Solder Bar SL-B-GW-0307 Sn99.0Ag0.3Cu0.7

SL-B-GW-0307 Lead-free solder bar is crafted from high-purity tin, utilizing state-of-the-art lead-free solder equipment and cutting-edge technology, combined with specialized techniques. The inclusion of microelements helps prevent the rapid expansion of micro-cracks at brittle interfaces, enhancing the creep-fatigue life of joints. This product stands as an environmentally friendly lead-free alloy solder bar, offering superb soldering capabilities within the control of the lead-free process.



  • High purity with minimal metal impurity and oxide content.
  • Smooth and even surface of molten tin with low viscosity, exhibiting outstanding flow.
  • Exceptional resistance to oxidation, resulting in very little tin slag.
  • Low surface tension, combined with high wetting ability, ensures excellent soldering, producing shiny and full solder joints.
  • Compliance with RoHS environmental standards.

The SL-B-GW-0307 Lead-free solder bar finds extensive applications across various domains. It is widely utilized in the manufacturing and assembly of communication devices, instrumentation equipment, audio and video multimedia systems, automotive industrial components, and household electrical and electronic gadgets. Its reliable performance makes it suitable for wave soldering, manual welding, precision welding, special welding processes, as well as automated procedures like spraying and electroplating.

Additional information

Alloy content


Melting points


Density (g/cm3)




Shelf life

24 moths


1kg / roll, 20kg / box

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