Water-based Cleaning Agent SL-C-GW2066H-1

SL-C-GW2066H-1 represents a new generation of water-based cleaning agents. It is formulated with a combination of surfactants, penetrants, degreasing agents, and corrosion inhibitors. As a high-tech innovative product, it is specifically designed for the cleaning of stencil steel meshes, copper meshes, and plastics, as well as for addressing misprinted, uncured solder paste residues on the internet and PCBs. Notably, this product does not contain any environmentally banned ODS substances or substances banned under RoHS compliance. It is biodegradable, non-flammable, and safe for storage, making it a truly green, water-based cleaning agent.



This product is primarily used for cleaning and printing stencil steel mesh, copper mesh, plastic net and PCB, as well as for eliminating misprinted and uncured solder paste residue. The cleaning speed is fast and the effect is superior.

  • The cleaning agent demonstrates excellent compatibility with stencil frames, stencils, stretch net glue, and other materials, without any adverse reactions.
  • Deionized water serves as the solvent, making the product non-combustible and safe for transportation.
  • The product is completely halogen-free, adhering to ROHS, REACH, and other relevant environmental regulations.
  • It poses no toxicity to the environment or human body and is biodegradable.
  • The product showcases a wide process window and strong cleaning power. It can be effectively used in a variety of cleaning methods, equipment, and processes.

Application Scope:

This product is designed to clean improperly printed and uncured solder paste remnants on printed stencil steel mesh, copper mesh, plastic mesh, and PCBs.

Additional information

Physical state/shape

Transparent or turbid liquid

Specific Gravity(g/cm3@20°C)

1,002 ±0,020


10,50 ±1,50

Cleaning Temperature (°C)

30,0 ~ 60,0






200kg / barrel, 20kg / barrel, 25kg / barrel

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