Semi water-based cleaning agent SL-C-GW2066P-1

SL-C-GW2066P-1 represents the next generation of semi water-based cleaning agents. Formulated with a complex blend of surfactants, penetrants, degreasers, and corrosion inhibitors, it is specifically engineered for maintenance and cleaning of fixtures, tools, and detachable parts in wave soldering and reflow oven welding operations. This product stands out for its eco-friendly composition, devoid of any ODS substances banned by environmental regulations, as well as any substances prohibited by RoHS. Not only is it biodegradable, but it’s also non-combustible and safe for storage. As such, it embodies a truly green water-based cleaning solution.


Product Features:

    • primarily designed for cleaning fixtures, tools, and detachable parts in wave and reflow ovens, this product offers fast and effective cleaning,
    • exhibits excellent compatibility with various materials used in fixtures and tools, with no adverse reactions,
    • utilizes deionized water as a solvent, which makes it non-combustible and safe for transport,
    • completely free of halogens and in compliance with environmental regulations such as ROHS and REACH,
    • environmentally friendly and non-toxic to both humans and the environment, plus it is biodegradable,
    • provides a wide process window and strong cleaning power, making it suitable for use in various cleaning methods, equipment, and processes.

Application Scope:

This product is suitable for cleaning fixtures, tooling and detachable parts for wave soldering and reflow oven welding.

Additional information

Physical state/shape

Transparent or turbid liquid

Specific Gravity(g/cm3@20°C)

1,003 ±0,020



Cleaning Temperature (°C)

30,0 ~ 60,0






200kg / barrel, 20kg / barrel, 25kg / barrel

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